Traditional Earthen Hand Made Jug I Clay Made Jug I Clay Water Jug I Earthen Water Pot 21 X 12 cm ( Brown Colour, Medium Size )


  • Size -Medium Size( 21 cm Height and 12 cm Width and Height) ,Material – Clay, Colour – Brown
  • Usage :Used as a Water Jug and Water stored in clay pots get an earthy taste which is very pleasant and smooth on your throat. Which will make you drink more water every time you are thirsty. the products is fragile and should be handled with care
  • Earthen Water Jug is made of 100% Natural clay, Non-toxic, Unglazed, No artificial colours are used, Eco-Friendly
  • Clay pots are great for natural aeration of the water due to the porous nature of clay. This enables air and water to travel freely through the walls of the pot and aerate water
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 Piece of Water Jug with Lid and Designed Handcrafted painting represents our Indian Culture
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Benefits of Cooking in Clay Pots or Earthen Pots: These pots maintain the nutritive value, cut down oil consumption, neutralize the pH level, add more nutrients, add an earthy flavour, and are equally economical options to prefer, Usage : Cooking & Seving, Cooking items : biriyani- Rice, Dal- Khichdi-Pongal-Curd Rice- chicken curry Veg pasta ,chinese stir fry etc.Reusable and washable. microwave and refrigerator safe. the products is fragile and should be handled with care

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