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  • Fine quality clay used,handmade..
  • 100% Pure & Natural Clay, No metals, chemicals, toxins, lead or other contaminants, It’s simple to clean and refill. Made entirely of natural raw materials, it imparts a distinct flavor to water.
  • Can be used as piggy bank coin box & showpiece for décor, This Earthen clay made item is made of 100% Natural clay, Non-toxic, Unglazed, No artificial colours are used, Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to Use and Clean, No Mixing of Flavors Strong and Solidly Built to last even with everyday use,Ideal for storing food items for a safer and more hygienic lifestyle
  • Material: Clay; This product has a nice finish and is brown in color.100 percent safe and eco-friendly.Natural clay water bottle with lid, non-toxic, unglazed, no artificial colors used, eco-friendly.
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Benefits of Cooking in Clay Pots or Earthen Pots: These pots maintain the nutritive value, cut down oil consumption, neutralize the pH level, add more nutrients, add an earthy flavour, and are equally economical options to prefer,Clay adds natural taste in food. Perfect for making food in your kitchen for everyday use.

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Additional information

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