Kerala Elephant Nettipattam 1.50 feet


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  • Item Content : Kerala Elephant Nettipattam 1.50 Feet
  • Size : I.50 feet
  • Usage : Caparisons Used as a decoration pieces in homes and offices.andIit is Foldable, Washable,Wall Hangable and Easy to Handle
  • Description : Durable and ever lasting ,made with 100 % Quality raw materials By Trained artisans. Caparisons Used as a decoration pieces in homes and offices. It is a belief that keeping caparisons at homes will bring prosperity and Blessing.
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Nettipattam is a traditional item from kerala and it is used to decorate elephant in the time of Poorams and other festivals. Nettipattam is a glittering ornament that keeps on the forehead of an elephant. The gold color of the Nettipattam makes it an eye-catching item during the festivals of Kerala. it is also used on the walls of our houses. It is very ebautiful and elegant if a nettipattam is hanging on the walls of our houses.

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions45 × 21 × 9 cm




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